The Phone

The Phone - small compact and very clean.
No room for card just coin I see.
I buy a card - prepaid by me,
to make some calls internationally.

I dial the call as normal and am
asked by automacity if I speak
English - or not you see.
Key in my authorisation number - for
Access to an important line.
To let my family hear my voice.
And tell them I'm OK.

I dial the country code and omit the zero -
as required.
So many numbers only to be given
A message saying that to call
Internationally at the moment is not possible.
"Sorry for the inconvenience" they say.

At last I try and get through.
Subcharged 50c for using a different telephone.
I decide to use all my credit,
Since I won't be back in the US again,
For at least another year.
End of conversation - with 0 minutes remaining
the talk will need to wait till I get home.

Colin Dempster