Perceptions of an Accountant

An image you create in your mind,
Is an Accountant: in the centre of town.
If you were there inside their minds,
How true is the image that you'd find?

Often we forget - how unique - each we are.
Some strive for success in a professional way.
Sitting exams and finding time,
Oh how might you manage at the end of the day?

A suit and tie, leather briefcase too,
Inwardly groomed, being honest and true.
Setting off: clients to advise or auditing to pursue.
Could we still survive without them all?

Accountants hold us all together,
To protect our interests - left, right and centre,
Playing a fundamental central role,
For you a vital service to avoid a fall!

Some may fail nevertheless - who questions
Integrity? Could you do the job yourself?
Life would be difficult without them there.
Be true and fair - a view to be held by all.

Colin Dempster
12th October 2002
Submitted as Course Assessment material - MA (Hons) Accountancy and Finance