Lettuce Pray

Lettuce once was grown by farmers far and wide.
Sadly one day the sun set on the lettuce fields.
All neatly planted - lettuce far left; and
far to the right.
It did not "dawn" on on fields for some time after that.
For lettuce was the intelligent crop; and
would grow for those only bright.
The farmer failed his lettuce degree; and
sat down less than - crisp & bright.
The farmer, his wife and faithful dog - Letti
Vowed to study hard.
Firm commitments were made - at the midnight hour.
Ever since that time the lettuce has helped -
those less than highly intelligent.
It helps them gain a better understanding;
of life, the lettuce and everything.
Eating lettuce helps our knowledge,
so don't go green and sad.
Stay in the crisper.
Cool and crisp delight.
Fill yourself with lettuce joy.
Lettuce is vital.
The farmer found out - never to go back.
The sun shone again on lettuce fields;
all over the world.

Dedicated to lettuce fields everywhere

Colin Dempster
14th September 2001